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  • We invest and manage your assets

    We are a fully independent External Asset Manager based in Switzerland, with a team of over 30 years of combined experience.
  • A professional fund manager believes in diversification.

    Kunden können dank unseres quantitativen
    Systems und des Zugangs zu alternativen Anlagen in ein stark diversifiziertes Portfolio investieren.

  • We invest your assets as we’d invest our own.

    At Bendio we keep our incentives aligned with those of our clients, thus inviting them to invest in our proprietary strategy.

  • We invest and manage your assets

  • A professional fund manager believes in diversification.

  • We invest your assets as we’d invest our own.

Independent Management
Personalized Service
Best Risk – Return Ratio
Your capital will be invested like ours
Wealth Continuity

About Us

A secure jurisdiction and strict controls make us your most trusted advisor.

  • Bendio is registered in Switzerland as “Bendio AG”, a limited liability company under registration number CHE-197.608.358
  • Bendio is licensed as a portfolio manager by FINMA.
  • In addition, Bendio maintains independent audits of its financial statements and reports to anti-money laundering (AML) agencies.

Quantitative Strategies

When ideas aren’t enough.
The world moves fast, and so do we.

As humans, our emotions, intuition, and feelings can negatively impact our capacity to manage performance in a sustainable way. To address this, Bendio Quant has been designed with algorithms, precision, and logic to achieve long-term growth, while also exercising a tight control of risk.

Alternative Investments

We offer alternative and/or private investments that add further diversification to your wealth.

Currently, trying to diversify wealth only in the financial markets is a challenge, so we offer you exclusive access to alternative investments, such as real estate projects, project finance, recourse financing or asset factoring, among others. All of them carefully studied and backed by a reliable legal framework. Additionally, there is the option of taking a credit on your portfolio ¨lombard loans¨ to take advantage of your capital to the maximum.

Frequently asked questions

We accompany you to solve your doubts
1. What is a fund manager?

A fund manager, asset manager or investment manager is an independent advisor in charge of managing the wealth or assets of private and institutional clients. Being completely independent, their management is focused on maximizing asset performance and minimizing costs, thereby favoring client growth.

2. What platforms and/or banks does Bendio work with?

Bendio partners with leading private banks and financial intermediaries (brokerage platforms) in Switzerland and the United States, which selection depends on the objectives and profile of each of our clients.

3. What are the costs of Bendio’s management?

For managing your portfolio, we charge an annual fixed commission based on the value of the assets, known as a management fee, as well as a performance fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the profits or returns. This is done to ensure transparency and keep our incentives aligned with the growth of your account. 

4. Investing with Bendio means investing in a collective account?

Bendio works with a segregated portfolio management format where the client opens a relationship with a bank or financial intermediary on their behalf and grants Bendio limited management power to transact on their account. The investment advisor cannot make withdrawals and deposits from the account as the account is under the full control of the client.

5. Is Bendio audited by any public or private entity?

Bendio’s best practices and operations are audited annually by bodies linked to the Superintendency of Securities (FINMA). The regulator demands strict compliance with certain processes. The financial and accounting information is audited by private firms recognized in Switzerland.

6. What are family office services?

It is a comprehensive service provided by some fund managers, which centralizes all the wealth management of a family group, including tax, fiscal, financial, real estate, succession planning, among others. Bendio is characterized by providing an exclusive Family Office service to clients who have this need.

7. How can I access alternative investments with Bendio?

The first step is to open an investment account with one of our proposed counterparties and then we present you with our portfolio of available alternative investments.

8. What is the minimum amount to invest with Bendio?

To provide access to top-tier counterparts in Swiss private banking, we start with clients who can allocate from USD 500,000. However, we alsogrant access to investment platforms or brokers that allow clients to test us from USD 100,000. Likewise, weassess each case individually, evaluating the potential for growth in the relationship.

9. What are the asset classes available in the markets?

There are different groups of assets in the financial markets such as stocks or indexes, energies, bonds or fixed income, metals, grains, soft commodities, currencies, among others. Each asset has characteristics, for example, stock indexes have a clear upward bias while energies are characterized by their volatility. A good management should be able to maintain a sustainable performance by making an optimal combination of assets.

10. What does backtesting mean?

A backtesting or historical simulation is a process where the fund manager tests the robustness of an investment strategy using a particular data window. The simulations allow us to understand the nature, profile, and mathematical expectation of the strategy.

11.What is a lombard loan?

It is a credit granted by the counterparty where the client has his account, which has as collateral the investment portfolio. Its amount will depend on the securities held in the portfolio. That is to say, it is possible to leverage the portfolio according to the quality and the securities held as underlying. With an intelligent use of this leverage, returns can be improved at certain market junctures.

12. What is a limited Power of Attorney?

It is a contract through which the client authorizes its regulated advisor, in this case Bendio, to execute an agreed investment strategy, excluding the possibility of making deposits or withdrawals in the holder’s account. The main advantage of having a Limited Power of Attorney ¨LPA¨ is that the advisor or portfolio manager will be able to make decisions more quickly and take advantage of opportunities that are framed within the client’s risk profile.