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When ideas aren’t enough.
The world moves fast, and so do we.


How do we do it?

Wealth Management

Bendio is a Swiss-based fund manager with presence in Latin America that provides wealth management services.

  • Independent Management

    Free of Interest Conflict

    Our clients open an account in their name or in the name of their company, in one of the best counterparties (banks/investment platforms) and Bendio manages their investments under aLimited Power of Attorney, without maintaining any type of relationship with the counterparties that generates incentives other than keeping their account growing.

    By avoiding a direct or dependent relationship with the counterparties, Bendio offers a conflict-of-interest free management as there is no incentive to offer products structured by the banks or to make numerous transactions with the aim of charging transactional fees.

  • Personalized service

    Local presence and a private banking service…

    Because our clients are our main asset, we do not spare any effort inproviding a personalized attention and customer service, familiarizing ourselves with their medium- and long-term objectives, explaining in detail our investment processes, and being at their disposal at all times.

    We seek long-term relationships that will transcend generations, which is why we go even further, taking an interest in your family group´s financial education; we offer alternative solutions that optimize your resources; and we are always willing to listen and guide you in your financial needs. In this sense, we offer personal, boutique-like treatment, in the best style of traditional private banking.

  • Best risk-return ratio

    Risk management – that’s the name of the game…

    Historically, financial markets have generated positive returns for investors, exceeding 80% probability over a time horizon of more than 3 years. There are, however, no returns without risk, so consistency in the business is based on surviving periods of poor market performance. We therefore implement an early warning system that allows us to limit potential losses.

    We focus on structuring a diverse portfolio across all assets classes, including private alternatives, giving preference to assets that are market-leading in terms of risk-return, for consistent, long-term results.

    The work is to minimize the losses with a strict and automated risk management– the market takes care of the rest.

    What are the asset classes available in the markets?

    There are different groups of assets in the financial markets such as stocks or indexes, energies, bonds or fixed income, metals, grains, soft commodities, currencies, among others. Each asset has characteristics, for example, stock indexes have a clear upward bias while energies are characterized by their volatility. A good management should be able to maintain a sustainable performance by making an optimal combination of assets.

  • We invest your capital like ours

    We are able to replicate the proprietary portfolio in your account…

    Beyond providing independent management, it is our core belief at Bendio that we can only keep our incentives aligned with yours if we do what we say. That’s why at Bendio, we offer the possibility of investing the way we do.

    Our policy has led us to have efficient management and to provide greater transparency.

    Similarly, seeking efficiency and automated risk management, we have invested part of our assets in an in-house developed quantitative strategy system, combining our experience and the most advanced technological tools.

  • Wealth continuity

    Wealth structuring, inheritance, and tax advice…

    We provide support to family groups, entrepreneurs, and individuals with integral solutions to preserve their capital for their next generations, thus achieving their vision and long-term objectives in a rapidly evolving and ever-changing environment.

    Wealth management, creation of trusts and escrows, tax advice and philanthropic management, including the personal aspects of the family, are some of the services we offer to ensure the continuity of your wealth.

Our own quantitative system

Quantitative strategies

As human beings, our emotions, intuition, and feelings can have a negative impact on our ability to manage performance in a sustainable way. Bendio Quant was designed with algorithms, precision, and logic to achieve long-term growth, whilst also exercising a strict control of risk.

“The concept of quantitative investing might sound overwhelming or complex at first glance, however, it is quite simple. It is all about creating rule-based systems…”
Andrés Trujillo, Senior Portfolio Manager.


A theoretically well-founded investment idea is proposed which may have the potential to generate returns.


Bendio encodes this strategy in a way that is so objective and straightforward – that it can be translated into a computing language.


Bendio tests the strategy’s outcome using historical data, through a process known as backtesting, and through a rigorous validation process decides to take this strategy to a portfolio of real-money strategies.


Advantages of a quantitative system

  • Unemotional management:

    The decision-making responds to a system of rules across multiple assets, directions, investment logics and time windows.

  • Alpha generation that is decorrelated to the market:

    The objective is the extraction of alpha (or market-beating profits) in de-correlated (highly diversified) trades lasting from days to weeks (Swing trading).

  • Risk Management:

    Risk management and metrics to quantify market exposure is an essential part of quantitative management.

  • A Holistic View:

    The view is completely holistic of the markets. From commodities to equity indices to cryptocurrencies. 24/7 looking for signals and opportunities in the markets.

  • Strategy Factory:

    Bendio Quant is a proprietary ecosystem that allows you to create, optimize, validate, analyze, manage, demote, and trade automated investment strategies in real time.

Diversification is Key.

Alternative investments

We offer alternative and/or private investments that provide greater diversification to your assets.

✓ Real estate projects.
✓ Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects.
✓ Project finance.
✓ Private equity.
✓ Quasi-sovereign public debt.

Just as we provide our investors with access to private alternatives, we can offer alternative financing solutions to our clients.

When your portfolio has been fully invested, you can take a loan Lombard loan with your portfolio as collateral and generate an additional income in alternative or non-conventional investments. But always being careful about over-exposure and the overall risk of the portfolio.

Inversiones alternativas